This Friday, February 27, 2015, is the anniversary of AJ’s passing.  We ask that you honor AJ, and all who battle cancer, with a good deed.

“First, thank you so much for this opportunity to allow myself, my family and all of A.J.’s friends, to honor him and draw attention to this battle against cancer that impacts so many families.  We thought it would be a great idea, if people, did a simple act of kindness, or a good deed, and did it in his memory and the memory of other cancer victims and fighters. It’s pretty simple, do something kind for someone and simply write it down and take a selfie of it, and publish it to social media – Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.  You can do it at any time, but February 27th is our official kickoff date, because that’s the anniversary of his passing.  Next week is going to be a tough week for my family and I, and this is a great way to lift our spirits and remember my brother.  Also, when you write down “In honor of A.J.” in your selfie, be sure to include anyone else that you want to personally honor. We’re doing this with A.J. front and center in our family, but we also want to make sure we honor others as well.  So, do something kind in memory of all those who have, and are fighting cancer, and send us your Selfless Selfie.”

– Joey Slye

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I honored AJ Slye by…”

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