The SlyeStrong#6 Foundation volunteers spent Father’s Day, Sunday, June 19 2016, conducting a “Be the Match Bone Marrow Registry Drive.”  We were able to help register 20 new donor candidates on site, as well as an additional 8 more who requested a kit be sent to their home.

On October 23, (AJ’s Birthday, no less) we received an email from Bethe Match…

WE FOUND A MATCH!  From you event in June there was a preliminary match for a patient.  This does not necessarily mean that the person will be a donor, but they are in the running!  This is incredible!  I, unfortunately can’t tell you the name of the person (confidentiality) but wanted to let you know that Slye Strong 6 is working miracles..”

This is incredible news!  Someone we helped register has the potential of becoming a lifesaving donor!  They will have to go through additional screening to get to help.  According to Be the Match, 1 in 540 go on to donate.

This goes to show that even from a small pool of volunteers, there is a potential for GREAT things to happen!

For more information on the bone marrow donation registry, please go to